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Online Consultation to Find the Best Language Courses for You – RINXs Online

 Hi! We are RINXs Online, an online language platform.

Many of the people in our group are certified Japanese language teachers! We’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback that you can take lessons from professional teachers at a reasonable price!

Would you like to teach your language or take lessons to improve your language skills? Try our free trial class first♪

<Japanese Classes at RINXs Online>

*Free Trials are available

JLPT N 1 to N 5: JLPT Exam preparation class by a professional instructor. 

Business Japanese: Japanese used for those who work at a company. 

Job preparation class: For those who are looking for a job in a Japanese company, how to write a proper resume, practice interviews, etc. 

Japanese for beginners: A class for those who are studying Japanese for the first time. 

Japanese conversation class: Conversation practice class ※professional instructor, volunteer instructor 

There are many different classes and it’s hard to know which one to choose… We are here to help you. We are here to help!

We’ll help you find the right class for you!


Date: 2022/6/15 – 12/31

Length: 50 minutes

For whom?: Any language learner

Anyone who wants to take lessons at RINXs Online can join!


RINXs Online is currently running a “Free Counseling Campaign”. Due to its popularity, we have continued this campaign since July this year!
In a casual atmosphere, our staff will recommend lessons from more than 100 options based on the language you want to learn and your learning style!

Anyone who is already studying a language, anyone who is thinking of starting, and anyone who wants to take lessons at RINXs Online is welcome to join.
If you are interested in the lessons already being offered, be sure to check out RINXs Online’s official instagram!

How to Join?

① First, please answer our survey.

First, please fill out our free counseling questionnaire and tell us your name, e-mail address, and the language you would like to study.
You can answer the survey from ▶︎HERE

② You will receive an email from RINXs Online.

RINXs Online will send an email about the free counseling campaign to the email address you entered in the survey.

③ Book your session!

Once you confirm that you have received the email, proceed to the actual appointment for a free counseling session.
Please select your desired date and time from the dedicated calendar ▶︎HERE and make a reservation.

※Please note that the time is set in Japanese time(JST).

④ The day of your session

When the reserved date and time comes, please access the Zoom URL in the email from RINXs Online.
We’ll have a casual, fun chat to help you find the perfect lesson for you!
We’ll even help you book the lesson you’re interested in that day, and you can count on us!

※Please note that the time is set in Japanese time(JST).


RINXs Online helps you expand your horizons through language learning. As our slogan says, Expand your world through language learning !.
We hope you find a class that suits you best from our wide variety of classes!

Want to know more about the campaign??

If you have any questions about the free counseling campaign I mentioned, please contact us!
▶︎ support@rinxs.co.jp

If you want to know more about the campaign, please visit our ▶︎Campaign page!
We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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