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  3. 500 Points Giveaway for New Members! Learn Japanese Online with Us at RINXs Online

500 Points Giveaway for New Members! Learn Japanese Online with Us at RINXs Online

☆New members by the end of March: You can get 500 points (worth 550yen)!☆

Celebrating the full release of RINXs Online! All newly registered members will be given 500 points (worth 550 JP yen) that can be used to take lessons! Experience online lessons with your points☆

Simply click the button below to register as a new member and receive 500 points on the first of the following month. You don’t need to do anything other than signing up!

Register now!

If you haven’t registered as a member yet, please take this opportunity to do so!

What is “RINXs Online”?

RINXs Online is a service that allows users from Japan and around the world to participate in online lessons and social events. It is an online platform for mutual learning, offering private lessons in various languages, group study sessions, language exchanges, free conversation groups, international exchanges, and discussions on various topics.

You can choose the learning style that best suit your individual needs, including group study sessions and private classes!

About our Lessons

RINXs Online offers lessons in multilingual languages including Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Arabic, hosted by skilled and enthusiastic teachers and language learning support groups. Lesson formats vary from group, private, and on-demand lessons.

The process of taking a lesson is as simple as the following steps below!

After registering as a free member, you can recharge your RINXs Online points to purchase tickets and reserve lessons.

Popular Lessons (example)

We’ve got more information about some of the lessons on our blog, so I hope you’ll check it out!

Study Japanese Online with us! | Japanese and Language Exchange Group

Join us online! | Japanese and Language Exchange Group


We introduced RINXs Online’s new registration 500 gift campaign. This campaign will run until the end of March!

RINXs Online offers a variety of lessons, so please take this opportunity to try out the lessons that interest you.

Receive 500 points now!


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