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FREE counseling campaign to find best classes for your online language learning | RINXs Online

Hi! This is RINXs Online.
This time, we would like to introduce the “Free Counseling” campaign of RINXs Online, which we would like to recommend to those who are considering language learning online!

★About RINXs Online★

RINXs Online is a service that allows you to participate in lessons and social gatherings online from Japan and around the world. It is an online platform with the theme of “mutual learning” that offers various classes as well as private lessons in each language.
You can choose a learning style and exchange meeting that suits each individual, such as group study sessions, language exchange learning, conversation groups, international exchanges, and theme discussions.

【6/15~7/31】Free Counseling Campaign is underway!

Currently, RINXs Online is conducting a “Free Counseling” campaign.
From about 1 hour of free counseling, we will introduce recommendations from over 100 lessons based on the language and learning style you want to learn!
Anyone who has already studied a language, is thinking about getting started, or wants to take lessons at RINXs Online can participate.
If you are interested in the lessons that are already open, please check out the official Instagram of RINXs Online!

How to Participate

Here, we will explain how to actually participate in the campaign.

① Answer the questionnaire

First of all, please tell us your name, email address, language you want to study, etc. from the free counseling questionnaire.You can answer the questionnaire from ▶︎HERE

② Receive an Email from RINXs Online

Please check the email address you entered in the survey, as RINXs Online will send you an email about your free counseling campaign.

③ Book the Free Counseling

After confirming that the email has arrived, proceed to actually book a free counseling.
Please select the desired date and time from ▶︎ dedicated calendar and make a reservation.
* Please note that the time is set to Japan time.

④ The day of the Free Counseling

On the day of your booking, please visit the Zoom URL in the email from RINXs Online.
The staff will provide one-on-one counseling.
* Please note that the time is set to Japan time.

This completes your participation in the free counseling campaign!

Like the slogan of Study Online and Go Global, RINXs Online helps you expand your world through language learning.
It would be great if you could find the perfect class for you from various classes such as online English / Chinese conversation, JLPT exam study, Arabic learning, language exchange, etc.!

Contact for inquiries about the campaign

If you have any questions about the free counseling campaign introduced this time, please feel free to contact us using the contact information below.
▶︎ support@rinxs.co.jp

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