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4 Online Classes Recommendations to Learn Basic Japanese at RINXs Online

Hello! we are RINXs Online.
For those who are new to Japanese language learning,

we recommend our Online Japanese Classes that help you learn basic Japanese!

★For more information about each class, click the links and visit the articles!★


0 Mins / Private Lesson 】


In this class, you will learn basic Japanese characters, grammar and vocabulary.
A native-speaking Japanese language instructor (Hisashi) will give you detailed explanations.
The instructor is a qualified Japanese teacher who also has English proficiency certification.
No special preparation is required to take this class. The instructor will design the curriculum in consultation with you!

★Go to the article ▷HERE

#2 はじめての にほんご/ Basic Words and Grammar

【 FREE TRIAL ◎/ 60 Mins / Private Lesson 】


In this class, a native-speaking Japanese instructor (Rie) , who has been gaining popularity at “italki”, will support you learn basic Japanese words and grammar, focusing on practicing beginner Japanese conversation.

Lessons are taught using formal Japanese language learning textbook  “いろどり”.
Students do not have to prepare the learning material!

The concept of Rie’s lesson is to keep the study fun. Let’s enjoy learning Japanese from the basic with Rie!

★Go to the article ▷HERE

#3 Let’s learn Japanese from the ground up! 〜きそ からの にほんご〜

【 FREE TRIAL ◎/ 90 Mins Group Lesson 】


In this class, you will learn basic Japanese in English.
A Serbian Japanese instructor (Višnja) will provide detailed explanations in English.
At first you will learn how to read and write hiragana, katakana, and kanji. The instructor will also teach you how to memorize them effectively.
Then you will learn basic Japanese vocabulary!

Lessons are taught using formal Japanese study materials such as “まるごと” and “エリンが挑戦”, as well as raw materials provided by the instructor.

★ Go to the article ▷HERE

#4 Basic Japanese Grammar (Learning with Textbooks)

【 FREE TRIAL ◎/ 90 Mins Group Lesson 】


As you can see, this class is recommended for those who like to learn using textbooks. Using “みんなの日本語 初級 I , II” (Minna no Nihongo Elementary I , II), you will learn beginner level grammar, reading, listening, speaking and vocabulary.
Our friendly and student-oriented native-speaking Japanese language teacher (Konatsu) will help you with your studies!

★Go to the article ▷HERE

#5 なんでも にほんご クラス/ Customized Effective Japanese Classes

This class is designed to meet a wide range of student needs, from beginner to advanced and above!
A native-speaking Japanese teacher (Yukich) with over 15 years of experience will listen to your requests and support your learning.
That instructor is committed to the student, and tries to create a relaxed learning environment.
Click on the link below to read an article about this class to learn more about the specific topics available!

★Go to the article ▷HERE

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