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What is the best good that can help you when travelling abroad even if you don’t speak the language?

It’s summer holiday time, where do you travel to?

When you travel abroad, What would help you overcome the language barrier?

The answer is probably…Smartphone, Isn’t it?

Translation apps that can be installed on smartphones and tablets can be very helpful in overcoming language barriers.
Apps such as Google Translate and Microsoft Translator provide text and audio translations. Some apps also support offline mode and can be used without an internet connection.

and As long as you have wifi, you can get the information you want to know at this very moment at the touch of a button..!


Also Google Maps are too useful…The days of travelling with a portable dictionary and map in hand when there were no smartphones seem a long time ago..!


But maybe it was because we didn’t have these useful goods that we were able to experience the courage to ask people on the street.


”Where is the nearest train station from here? ”

”Are there any good restaurants nearby?”

Such small exchanges can be the most memorable part of a trip, don’t you think?


When you go on a trip, don’t just rely on your smartphone all the time,

but also try to actively interact with local people!

You may surely be able to find a locally recommended hidden restaurant that has not yet been reviewed…


Enjoy your trip and have a nice experiences!



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