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  3. How does the child acquire language?

How does the child acquire language?

It is surprising that children are really good at acquiring language!

They naturally acquire the complex system of language from the moment they are born.

This blog might give us adults a hint about how we can start learning languages now, too.

let’s explore how children acquire language in a simplified and understandable manner!



1: The Journey Begins with Listening

Children’s language acquisition journey starts with listening.

From the moment they are born, babies are sensitive and responsive to the sounds and words around them. Through their auditory senses, they perceive the rhythm and patterns of language, laying the foundation for language development.

2: Imitating Words

Children develop their language skills by imitating the words they hear.

They start by mimicking individual words or short phrases and gradually learn to construct sentences and engage in conversations.

Inspired by the language spoken by their parents and family members, they begin to form their own language.

3: Attaching Meaning to Language

Children use the surrounding context and experiences to attach meaning to language.

They start to understand the meaning of words by associating them with visual information or physical experiences.

For example, they learn to convey their hunger by using the phrase “I’m hungry.”


4: Feedback and Interaction

Feedback and interaction play a crucial role in children’s language learning process.

Through communication with parents and caregivers, they learn the rules and expressions of language. Conversations and playtime with family members offer valuable opportunities for language acquisition.


5: Development of Comprehension and Understanding

Children develop the ability to comprehend and process information through language.

They acquire grammar and vocabulary rules and gain the ability to construct meaningful sentences and stories. Additionally, they develop reading and writing skills along with their listening and speaking abilities.



Children’s language acquisition journey is truly remarkable.

They naturally absorb language through their interactions with parents and the world around them.

It may be difficult for us adults to create such a situation immediately, but it is worth remembering as a hint for language learning!



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